May 30, 2016

Our Goals

treatmentMGA’s treatment program builds upon safety – personal, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Individuals cannot work through issues if they do not feel safe.

We are committed to family involvement and participation. Visitation and communication is built into the program from the day of admission until the resident leaves our care.

MGA recognizes and celebrates growth, no matter how small. Change can be difficult and take considerable time. Each step along the way to a more positive and productive future will be acknowledged and built upon.

Our Goals for the Girls in Our Care:

  • Develop skills for improving relationships
  • Reduce intensity, frequency and duration of anxiety and depression
  • Replace negative and destructive behavior patterns with positive new ones
  • Improve focus and communication/listening skills
  • Improve self-worth and boost self-confidence
  • Reduce need for medication long term
  • Develop healthy nutrition and exercise habits
  • Develop positive character and internal values.

Our Staff


A.Y. Weinberg

A.Y. Weinberg has worked with and taught youth for over thirty years in various capacities. From 1981 to 2001, he was the regional director of the NCSY Midwest region. NCSY is the most effective and respected educational Jewish Youth movement in the world.  In 2001, he founded Camp Extreme and Project Extreme, where he has remained to date.  It is through A.Y.’s vision to help youth that he founded Minnesota Girls Acedmy.


Dr. Kristen (Char) Nosti

Dr. Nosti has over 20 years experience working with children and adolescents. Prior to joining the Minnesota Girls Academy, Dr. Nosti was employed at KidsPeace National Centers, where she advanced in her  career  beginning as a Treatment Team Supervisor, served as a Clinician, was a Clinical Manager, ran a school based mental health program, and eventually was an Associate Executive Director. Dr. Nosti has worked in a variety of settings including residential, diagnostic, community outpatient, school based programs, and child welfare. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College, master’s degrees from Villanova University and Millersville University, and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.



Laura Borris, BS

Laura earned her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Development from Waldorf College.  She has worked in different positions over the years with the main focus on helping others. Laura’s experiences give her the background to provide guidance and resources to families in need. Laura grew up in a small Faribault County town and now lives with her husband and children in rural Faribault County. Bricelyn is a small town in Faribault County with the peace and serenity of rural charm. Laura is here to help answer questions and provide resources for girls and their families to get the best opportunities to grow and overcome obstacles that hinder their future successes. Laura looks forward to making the personal connections with each family and girl at Minnesota Girls Academy.



Kyle Aubart, MS

Kyle Aubart graduated from Minnesota State University with a masters degree in Special Education. The program encompassed a broad range of skills, but emphasized adapting to individual needs of learners, emotional and behavioral needs of students, and creating an environment of learning. He holds a Minnesota’s Academic and Behavioral Strategist (ABS) license. The ABS license is a cross categorical license and allows him to teach in a variety of settings.


  • Jordan Most
  • Maureen Hooley Bausch
  • Moshe Bellows, MSW, JD
  • Jonah Bruck
  • Yosef Davis
  • Don Ghermezian
  • Sidney Glenner
  • Mark Kutoff
  • Francis Mauer, LSW
  • Michael Nussbaum
  • Elisha Prero
  • Shimi Ray
  • Eric Rothner
  • Abraham J. Stern
  • Mordechai Tessler
  • Heshy Wengrow