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July 17, 2015

Helping Girls With Bipolar Disorder

Girls with Bipolar Disorder

We at Minnesota Girls Academy can work with your daughter as she struggles with Bipolar Disorder, a condition characterized by periods of unusually high energy and moods, which alternate with abnormally low mood and energy level periods.  His mood likely swings back and forth, from elation to dejection, tending to extremes, when compared to the ups and downs normally experienced by most people in everyday life.

shutterstock_305364728While experiencing normal phases sandwiched between, the elevated phase (clinically called manic) reveal her to be easily sidetracked, talking too much, sleeping too little, with racing thoughts and bad judgment and temper control, unsuitably high self-regard, and out-of-control behavior (sexual promiscuity, overindulgent drinking/eating/drug use).

Her depressive (clinically low) times might appear with anxiety, regret and gloom, irritation, disturbed sleep patterns, lost interest in once-enjoyed activities and lack of energy.

Family history and brain chemistry are considered factors, but causes for BPD are not clearly established.  Other acknowledged factors might include drug or alcohol abuse, an excessive amount of high stress.

Minnesota Girls Academy We Can Help Girls with Bipolar Disorder

It is essential to receive a proper diagnosis, especially in light of the self-threatening nature of many of behaviors seen with Bipolar Disorder; in some cases, commitment (either voluntary or not) will be called for, allowing treatment to progress.  Early treatment is critical (as is making sure to differentiate her disorder from chronic depression) especially as there is a high suicide rate among teens with Bipolar Disorder.

There are medications that can help control BPD symptoms, which should be taken along with therapy from a qualified individual.  Both are absolutely requisite for a lifetime, since it can be deceptive to feel that symptoms are no longer evident, causing one to think that problems may have evaporated and she’s been cured.

Your daughter will be presented with new challenges until ultimately she is ready to return home, able to once again enjoy family and friends. If you’ve reached your wits’ end with your out-of-control girl, call us at (888) 683-7007.