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July 17, 2015

Girls with Avoidant Personality Disorder

Girls with Avoidant Personality Disorder

shutterstock_2917234Does your daughter suffer from low self-confidence, with the belief that her peers find her uninteresting and unappealing, socially inept?  If so, she may be suffering from Avoidant Personality Disorder.  We can help your girl as she deals with long-standing feelings of inadequacy, and great sensitivity to what others think about him. Feelings such as these might lead to his being shy, staying away from activities in which he’d need to interact with others, afraid of scorn.

Minnesota Girls Academy Can Help Your Girl with Avoidant Personality Disorder

While commonly diagnosed, there is not unanimously agreed-upon treatment.  Cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy are often used, and social skills guidance might be also be helpful.

The last thing you want is for Avoidant Personality Disorder to continue to control your teen’s life, and our key to success will be to successfully confront the (negative) beliefs she holds about herself!

It’s critical that your girl be properly diagnosed, with a treatment method that can enable her to thrive, especially if not making headway in his traditional school setting.  Our unique program might be just the thing to ensure her recovery.

Your daughter will be presented with new challenges until ultimately she is ready to return home, able to once again enjoy family and friends. If you’ve reached your wits’ end with your out-of-control girl, call us at (888) 683-7007 .