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Thank you for your interest in Minnesota Girls Academy. The program accepts adolescent females of all races and religious backgrounds. We operate a kosher program across the board.

The Enrollment Process

Once our Admissions Department receives an enrollment application, one of our Admissions Coordinators will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays) and answer any enrollment questions you may have. We will inform you of our enrollment decision soon after receiving and reviewing your submitted enrollment application.

The next step of enrollment after application and acceptance is to set up the transportation arrangements. Many of our parents choose to accompany their teen to Minnesota Girls Academy, where they meet the staff and tour the campus. There are plenty of wonderful accommodations near campus. If you are not able to accompany your teen, there are professional escorts that we can recommend.

Once you have enrolled your child into Minnesota Girls Academy you will need to be introduced to all of our policies and procedures. You will need to know about everything your child is going through in her first few weeks and beyond. There are numerous details that you will need to be aware of and need to be a part of.

How We Work With You

Our Admissions Department helps parents to determine if MGA is a good fit for their girl by spending time to learn about the girl’s needs, as well as the family’s needs. In addition, our staff will provide as much information as is needed, taking time to answer all questions.

Initially, a pre-application is filled out so that we can learn some basic information about the resident and the situation she is in. This allows us to be able to have a more focused and robust interview with the parent and eventually the girl, if possible.

Once a girl is initially accepted, an interview with her is preferred. The next step would be to set a date for admission. We have an open admissions policy which means we do admissions year-round.

The Admissions Department will remain in contact and available by phone and email throughout the process. We understand that this is likely the most difficult decision and process that you will ever make as a parent. You are not alone and we want you to understand that and feel supported.

A referral will be obtained and specific information will be asked:

Demographic information including age

Presenting needs

Prior treatment / interventions

Medical history / need, including medications, allergies, etc.

Legal status

Guardian & family structure

Educational History including IEP / Special Education

Trauma history

If the referral information indicates that the adolescent would be an appropriate fit for the program, an interview and tour will be arranged. If a face-to-face meeting cannot occur, a phone interview will be conducted.

Please call 888-683-7007 for more information.

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