July 6, 2016


girls schoolMGA requires all residents to attend our on-campus school. Homework time is built into the daily program schedule. School performance and behavior are formally reviewed on a monthly basis and shared with the parent/guardian.

boarding schoolAt MGA, educational services are provided on-site by a licensed teacher contracted through Southern Plains Educational Cooperative and accredited through United South Central School District. Academic instruction occurs in a school classroom. USC completes all academic testing that is required.


MGA has a written schedule of the daily activities that describe the residents’ activities for each day of the week. All staff members are required to follow the posted schedule. Changes in the schedule must be approved by program leadership.

When it is a holiday, the schedule may be modified and the schedule for that day will be posted and available to all staff, residents, and visitors.

Appointments with medical, dental, and mental health professions will be scheduled during regular business hours. Should a resident miss academic related work due to an appointment, she will be given time to make up that work.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to visit their child on a regular basis. Adjustments to the schedule will be made to accommodate parent visits.

The schedule will be adjusted accordingly for any religious reasons/requests.