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Personal Residential Treatment
For Troubled Girls

Every girl’s struggle is unique—and at Minnesota Girls Academy, so is every recovery. For girls 13-17 who suffer from social, emotional, or behaviorial issues, we offer personal residential therapy with skilled, caring professionals. We will partner with you to develop an individualized plan for your girl’s growth and recovery.

Our program is designed to help your girl recover what her struggles have taken from her: renewed confidence, trust, hope, achievement, and a connection to loved ones.
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It’s Never Too Soon to Heal

Depression, rage, adoption/attachment disorders, learning difficulties, poor self-esteem, and other issues can cause lasting damage. Your girl doesn’t have to face them alone… neither do you. Contact us today: we’ll be there for you.
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About Us

The Minnesota Girls Academy is a nonprofit organization that serves girls ages 13 to 17 who have been experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, academic, and/or family issues.

Some of the specific areas we treat include: academic underachievement, anger management, adoption/attachment issues, inattentiveness, learning difficulties, manipulation, motivational issues, rebellion, promiscuity, defiance, depression, hyperactivity, self-esteem issues, social issues, and impulsivity.

Our therapeutic approach is founded upon the belief that every young person has the capacity to heal and grow. Our goal is to help her find that strength and resilience within herself.

Safe Boundaries

The first step to recovery is safety—personal, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Our staff is trained to recognize and appropriately respond to harmful behaviors. We set clear boundaries and milestones that provide a secure structure for learning and self-discovery.

A Community For Healing

Girls in the program will experience an atmosphere that nurtures healthy relationships, cultivates individuality, and teaches acceptance of differences. Our residents participate in individual, family, and group therapies, balanced with structured recreational and skill-building activities.

Better Choices, Better Lives

We help girls develop confidence and life skills in a purpose-driven environment that rewards self-discipline and fosters achievement. Above all, we respect the dignity of those we serve, showing girls how to make better choices by valuing themselves and others.

The Way Forward

During her stay, your child will receive quality education with certified instructors in a small-class environment. Upon program completion, girls will be ready to transition back into their own family environment with a renewed outlook and new tools to help them stay on track.

Please call 888-683-7007 for more information.

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