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The Minnesota Girls Academy is a nonprofit organization that serves girls ages 13 to 17 who have been experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, family and/or academic struggles.

Some of the specific areas we treat include: academic underachievement, anger management, adoption (attachment issues), inattentiveness, learning difficulties, manipulation, motivational issues, rebellion, promiscuity, defiance, depression, hyperactivity, self-esteem issues, social issues, and impulsivity.

residential treatment centerThe Minnesota Girls Academy is founded upon the belief that every young person has unique potential and strength. We respect the dignity of those we serve and honor each individual’s life. The basic foundation of the treatment program builds upon safety - personal, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual – with the recognition that all individuals have potential for change and can develop and grow.

Girls in the program will experience an atmosphere that cultivates individuality and teaches acceptance of differences. Through evidence-based therapeutic interventions and nurturing relationships, the program provides residents with comprehensive and individualized treatment programs that promote growth and personal development. Through active participation in individual, family, and group therapies and counseling, structured milieu, recreational activities, skill building, relationship development and enhancement, the program affords young women with daily opportunities that will empower them with the ability to make meaningful life choices and to become more confident, secure, and healthy in all aspects of their lives.

Our ultimate goal is to for our residents to transition back to life at home as successful, contributing members of their respective communities. With a well-balanced approach, a quality education, and a high staff to resident ratio, Minnesota Girls Academy is dedicated to helping each girl through their different struggles as well as providing a quality education. Upon program completion, residents will be ready to transition back into their own family environment with a renewed outlook and new tools to help them stay on track.

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About US

Treatment outside the home may be necessary when parents have exhausted out-patient therapy options. Many coming to our program are struggling academically, challenged with developing and nurturing healthy relationships, making poor choices, suffering from anxiety and depression or are self-harming. The students come to our program when parents feel intervention is necessary and desire a loving and safe, nurturing home-like, structured environment, where their child can receive more intensive therapy and healing; away from the distractions and elements contributing to the problems.

The Minnesota Girls Academy is designed to serve females aged 13 to 17 (high school age) at the time of admission who have been experiencing social, emotional, behavioral, family and/or academic struggles. Residents must have a minimum full scale IQ of 85 or higher on an approved standardized test. Residents must agree to attend MGA as admission is voluntary.

Some of the identified treatment areas include problems in the following areas:

Academic Underachievement Inattentiveness Acculturation Interpersonal Difficulties Adjustment Learning Difficulties Adoption Loss & Grief Anger Manipulation Anxiety Mood Dysregulation Attachment Issues Motivational Issues Attention Seeking Obsessions Avoidance Opposition Bereavement Phobias Blaming Behaviors Peer Interactions Bullying – Victim / Perpetrator Promiscuity Compulsions Rebellion Defiance Self- Esteem Depression Self- Expression Disorganized Self-Image Distractibility Social Skills Divorce Relationship Difficulties Drug Experimentation Risk Taking Behaviors Easily Influenced by Others Tantrums Family Conflict / Issues Thrill Seeking Behaviors Poor Hygiene / Self Care Truancy Hyperactivity Impulsivity

Call (888) 683-7007 for more information.

  • Social Problems

    Residents may have shown a pattern of poor peer interactions, an inability to form age appropriate social relationships, or an impairment in the ability to establish healthy attachments. They may form relationships that center around anti-social activities. Promiscuity may be a concern. Residents may have experienced or engaged in bullying behaviors.

  • Emotional Problems

    Residents may be experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety, and / or mood dysregulation. Their emotional states have interfered with their abilities to engage in their daily activities of living and decision making. There may be issues related to loss and grief or poor self esteem.

  • Behavioral Problems

    Residents may have displayed oppositional and defiant behaviors within their home, school, or community. They have refused to follow basic rules established for them by authority figures, frequently lose their tempers, argue with adults, and blame others for their mistakes or misbehavior. These girls may be making poor choices related to peer groups and social activities.

  • Family Issues

    Residents may have strained family relationships. There may be a pattern of a refusal to abide by parental rules and expectations. Communication patterns may be impaired or nonexistent. Residents may have run away from home or refuse to follow curfew. There may be attachment or adoption concerns.

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